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that the zimmerman shot trayvon martin while the teen was on top of him.s the defense showed the importance of looking aton trayvon's clothing to determine the distance between zimmerman and martin at the time. >> the wound left itself, in the face of contact of the clothing indicates that this is consistent with mr. zimmerman'ss account, that he -- that mr. martin was over him leaning forward at the time he was shot. >> the defense also wants to introduce text messages and a facebook posting by martin abou a fight he supposedly had with a friend. the judge had ruled that the teen's interest in guns and fighting couldn't be used in opening statements. zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to second degree murder charges. he claims he acted in self-defense. >>> there's more confusionmo whether nsa leaker snowden willn depo to venezuela. wikileak said that he has not formally accepted asylum in venezuela. the tweet was deleted a few minutes after it was posted. the lawmaker says its claim wasm paced on a report from russian t.v. news. >>> the morning line, we're li talking about the washington kas
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1